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Smart advertising for a new world



A confluence of technology and data is revolutionizing advertising: now each message can have a precise target, generating valuable conversion opportunities and transforming customers into what were once unpredictable audiences. The ‘personalized massification’ of messages has revolutionized the market by combining the massive reach of online media with the personalization of communication according to a place, a moment or a consumer device.

Latin America is one of the regions with the greatest potential for acceptance of these new technologies. The participation of digital advertising in the total industry is still incipient (it only represents 11%), but advertising budgets are increasing (at an annual rate of 10%), which makes it the fastest growing region in the world. advertising investment.

The advertising strategy on the internet has begun to define a large part of the business destination. But not any strategy, but one that is centered on the three fundamental premises of modern marketing: unify, simplify and amplify. Only the brand able to see in the present the trends that are transforming consumption in the markets and act assertively, will be able to differentiate.

The American analyst Mary Meeker recently presented a report in which she classifies some current realities as trends: mobile devices impose themselves far away from desktops; the online advertising market grows and Google is no longer the only king in the field, on the other hand consumers are fed up with advertising. In his analysis, he points out the exponential growth among users of advertising blockers, who cut communications of intrusive advertising with the consumer.

Meeker highlights three fundamental points: the first is that his messages must be short; the second, contradicts the myth about the massive defection of Facebook by the millennials, and alludes to studies that affirm that now – among that generational group – their preferred social networks are Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. And the third, it gives the chats – like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger – a very high potential, since they already compete in number of users with the most successful social networks.

It is becoming more and more urgent to adopt this type of marketing solutions that are imposed in more developed markets, and that successfully interpret this enormous amount of information generated by a user on the Net. Those of us who believe in this direction of the industry have centralized our efforts to meet those needs by connecting brands with the right person through marketing technologies that enhance digital effectiveness like never before.

It’s time for smart advertising in Latin America.

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Digital Marketing

No, WhatsApp is not going to launch its payment platform in Spain at the moment




WhatsApp has a payment system that allows you to send money – and receive it, of course – among the contacts of the application. Something very useful for when, for example, there are several friends to take something, one of them pays and then ‘accounts are adjusted’. With this payment system of the instant messaging application you can send and receive money just as we send a text message, a voice note, or any other content format through WhatsApp. But it is exclusive to India, since its launch some time ago, and is not expected to reach other countries – at least for the moment.

It has been several months since WhatsApp Payments was launched within the instant messaging app for users in India. There, as we mentioned earlier, WhatsApp users can send and receive money within the app itself as they send and receive messages. And this function of the instant messaging app would make sense that it will eventually reach the rest of the countries in which WhatsApp is available, but for now it will not happen, even though rumors have been emerging pointing to an imminent release in the States. United. It will not reach the Americans and, therefore, much less the users of Spain.

WhatsApp also has its own payment platform, and WhatsApp is not planning to launch it in Spain (or in many other countries)

WhatsApp is not the only one that allows you to send and receive money, also – and since a long time before – Facebook Messenger allows you to do it. And although here in Spain there are many users who do not know, there is another service that we use regularly and in other countries in the world has its own ‘payment platform’, and it is Gmail. All three have their money sending and receiving service, but none of them has launched it in Spain. Messenger and Gmail offer it in the United States and WhatsApp, exclusively, in India.

As an alternative, in Spain we have options like PayPal, probably the most senior in this field. Through PayPal we can send and receive money between friends and family, and in this case no commission is applied: if you send 20 euros, it costs you 20 euros and the other person receives exactly this amount.

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