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Lens Super Nana, the sports coach on Messenger!



Have you ever had a good friend who told you “go tomorrow, I become your sports coach”? Today is possible, and the good friend is called Justine! She writes to you every day on your Messenger account, with the “Super Nana Lens” program, to offer you a tip top follow up!

Lens Super Nana, what is it?

“Super Nana Lens” is a sports program but not that, which we find every day on the Facebook Messenger. We receive very fun messages from Justine who motivates us and speaks to us as a good girlfriend. It is a young fit mum and working mama, creator of and ultra savvy in sport and well-being. The program she created offers sports videos where she shows us the positions to be adopted. There is cardio but also Pilates and yoga postures. “Super Nana Lens” does not stop there, it is very complete and also offers meditation sessions. We receive many tips for healthy eating or even to feel better everyday, in our body but also in our head.

How does it work?

It’s a completely new concept. Every day, at the time we chose at the beginning of the program setting, we receive very nice little messages from Justine. These are, of course, automatic messages, but they are so well written that we really believe that we are interacting with the coach! Every morning, at 10:00, I received his advice of the day or we went to the serious things with a fitness mat.

I had never made Pilate of my life, I was surprised by the difficulty but also the well-being felt. These are short sessions, circuits to repeat. If we are not too sure of the position to be adopted, we can see and review Justine’s demonstration. Once it’s done, we have to click on a little phrase that we could have told our girlfriend. This phrase is pre-written by the team and it’s always well thought out and funny. When we clicked, the automatic messages take over and we move forward in the session. The program is playful and customizable. I loved it!

How much does it cost?

The big plus point is that you can test “Super Nana Lens” for free for a week. Then, if we want to continue, it is 4.90 euros per month (cheaper than a burger, as Justine says), €12.90 per quarter and €44.90 per year. To start the free test, you can go to the Facebook page of the program or type “Super Nana lens” on your Messenger account. You click on “Start” and it’s gone for a week of good humour and nice tips!

Wrapping it up!

Well, it was never easy before. Now you have everything under control. Good luck and don’t forget to share this content with your friends & family.

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